A recent 3rd party white paper details the labor cost savings, improved agility and overall premium experience resulting from Toss deployment.

In December 2017, Operations and Procurement leadership at Simon conducted a pilot deployment of TossCubes at the San Francisco Premium Outlets location in Livermore, CA to determine their value and suitability for waste management across the Simon asset portfolio. The purpose of the pilot deployment was to track and report the impact of TossCubes on Simon facility operations for the purpose of benchmarking the enterprise value of the new technology.

TossCubes are solar-powered trash compactors that can hold more than 8x the contents of a standard can. Furthermore, these cubes are equipped with a smart sensor to notify facilities staff when the compactor chamber needs to be emptied.

The result is that TossCubes need to be emptied far less often, and custodial staff do not have to deploy finite custodial resources in order to emptying a can before it is full.

TossCubes further allow Simon facilities staff to track patterns in waste stream, identify leading indicators and more effectively staff and deploy custodial resources in a proactive and forward-thinking manner. It is this unique custodial foresight and proactive allocation of resources that has the potential to drive tremendous impact on Simon’s core mission: an ever-improving premium customer experience

This independent 3rd party white paper was written by BidOps and benchmarks the impact of TossCubes in the following 3 areas:

1. Custodial Agility – Empties per shift

2. Labor Costs – Dollars per hours

3. Materials Costs Inputs – Can liners

Conclusion: TossCubes Drive Strong Results at Scale

Download the White Paper.