Toss is proud to have been selected as the preferred smart waste management partner for the Panasonic CityNOW Smart City Innovation Showcase in Denver, CO.  Adjacent to the Denver International Airport, and in partnership with the City of Denver, a smart city is being built from the ground up that will include a solar-powered microgrid, high speed public WiFi, smart LED street lights, smart parking meters, autonomous vehicle infrastructure and now the Toss smart waste management platform.  


The Innovation Showcase will serve as a model for civic and business leaders from around the world for how to leverage technology to make our cities cleaner, greener and more connected.


TossCubes, TossCaps, and Toss CleanCityNetworks provide municipalities and businesses with IoT data-driven efficiencies that reduce waste collection costs by 50% – 80%.  By implementing Toss solutions, municipalities can repurpose waste collection labor, reduce the number of plastics bags in landfills, reduce waste trucks/CO2 emissions, improve aesthetics while providing a highly visible and easy to understand commitment to sustainability.