Do you have a waste problem?

  • Are you wasting money on inefficient collections?
  • Do you have insight on your total waste and recycling collection costs?
  • Do you know how often your bins are collected?
  • Do you ever have overflowing bins?
  • Do you empty bins too soon?
  • If this sounds familiar, you could benefit from Toss solutions.

We Love our Clients,
And They Love Us

“Before, we didn’t know when the trash bins in Bukchon became full. Now, we know in real-time the fill-level of each bin thanks to Ecube Labs’ solution. Since we’re able to quickly take action before any problem occurs, there are no longer any issues with garbage overflow.”

Welfare & Environmental Bureau

“After deploying the solution, we have been able to go from collecting 840 containers 4 times a day to collecting just 80 containers a day. This has increased our operational efficiency upwards of 90% and resulted in significant cost savings.”

Hannah Forbes